Fedex Stock (FDX) Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis
  • Get the  Technical Analysis  for FedEx Stock (FDX) in 2 minutes
  • FDX is inside a potential bull flag. Bullish flag formations are effective continuation patterns in strong uptrends. The “pole” of the flag arises from a stock’s vertical increase; the “flag” is from consolidation (when the stock trades in a range, typically sideways to slightly down, when applied to flags of a bull flag)
  • More upside for FedEx stock and a reasonable time to scale in, meaning to buy shares as the price cools down. Best is to set your buy order ahead of time and wait for the order to fill.
  • 1st entry price for FDX: $ 240.35
  • 2nd entry price for FDX: $ 231.29
  • 3rd entry price for FDX: $ 225.70
  • Average entry price, if and when all of the above buy orders get filled, would be: $ 233.41
  • Stop Loss (sell and exit the entire position): $ 193.95
  •  Take Profit  (partial or all, where you would exit the position with a profit): $ 312.16
  • Watch the FDX stock technical analysis video below!

Buy or trade FDX at your own risk only. Visit for upcoming stock technical analyses!

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