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Forex & Stocks Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) Trading

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*Forex & Stocks Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) Trading*

The Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) is a tool used in trading to spot shifts in trends, breakouts, and potential trading chances in an asset’s price. It does this by combining two sets of moving averages (MA) with varying time periods.

The Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) was developed by an Australian trader named Daryl Guppy, which is why it bears his name. Daryl introduced the GMMA in his book, Trend Trading.

The Guppy technique is a trend-tracking method that consists of 12 exponential moving averages (EMAs). By using multiple lines, the Guppy enables traders to perceive the strength or weakness of a trend more effectively compared to relying on just one or two EMAs.

*The 12 EMAs are divided into two groups:*
(1st) – The first group comprises six EMAs with shorter time periods, often referred to as the “short-term” group. (2nd) – The second group consists of six EMAs with longer time periods, known as the “long-term” group.

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