Forex Trading Tutorial
Forex is one of Best ways to Earn Money. This video Explains what is Forex, How to Start Trading, what is Leverage & Lot Size and How to choose a Forex Broker.

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?0:00 Summary
?0:09 DropBux Intro
?0:18 What We Discuss in This Video
?0:52 What is Forex Trading
?1:29 How we Could Earn Money in Forex
?2:27 What Happen in Forex
?3:59 How To Earn Profit in Forex Market
?4:24 How To Predict Forex Market
?4:58 What Is Leverage
?6:53 What Is Lot Size
?8:33 How To Start Forex Trading
?9:43 How Much Money You Should Invest to Forex Market
?10:48 Forex Trading And Binary Option
?14:07 Can’t We Deposit Money to Forex Market from Sri Lanka
?14:34 What We Discussed in This Video & About Upcoming Videos
?15:08 End Animation

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