An actress famous for her roles in That ’70s Show and Family Guy, Mila Kunis has now launched an animation on the blockchain, which developed from an interest in crypto during the pandemic. 

Speaking with comedian Conan O’Brien on his Thursday show, Kunis said she had done a deep dive into cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, during her time in quarantine. However, she was seemingly concerned about the apparent dearth of women in the space.

“I felt like it was a very masculine area — like everybody that I knew that knew anything about it at the time was always a man and I was like ‘this can’t be that hard,’” said Kunis. “I just deep dived into it and surrounded myself with two incredibly smart women that know everything about it.”

The actress said she spoke with women behind the Facebook-backed Libra, now Diem, token project. After learning more about crypto and its role in a decentralized marketplace, Kunis said she found the whole crypto space to be “really empowering,” which led to her new NFT project, Stoner Cats. 

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Partnering with CryptoKitties founder Mack Flavelle and CryptoPoops NFT creator Jonathan Howard through their recent endeavor Big Head Club and others, Kunis described the Stoner Cats project as allowing crypto users to buy NFTs featuring images of cats sometimes drinking and smoking marijuana — recreational cannabis has been legal in California since 2016. The token then allows them to “watch a five-minute long piece of entertainment.”

“Everybody just did [the project] because they thought that it was different and fun and we all wanted to do it for the right reasons,” said Kunis, who voices one of the cats. “It brings ownership of content back to the artist and cuts out the middleman.”

The price of the tokens is not yet listed, but NFT offerings from celebrities have often netted millions in sales. Canadian musician Claire Elise Boucher, better known as Grimes, auctioned off her own line of NFTs in March — users paid $5.8 million for the tokenized artwork in 20 minutes.

According to Kunis, the cat NFTs will be available by early July. 

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